State-of-the-art technology is used in all production steps.
  • 6 medium-frequency induction smelting furnaces with capacities of 4t to 6t
  • 2 moulding machines for the series production of castings weighing up to 40kg.
  • 12 core shooters with volumes of 5l to 30l
  • Different parting and scarfing machines
  • 3D measuring machine and 3D scanner for measuring castings, pattern plates and core boxes
  • Computer tomograph for testing castings
  • Annealing furnace with a capacity of up to 6500t / year
  • Extensively equipped test laboratory (microscopes, macroscopy, chemical tests, moulding material tests)
  • 2 spectrometers, of which 1 as a fully-automatic system
  • Thermoanalysis systems