Manufacturing process

Core production

The cold box process used by us in our core production facility enables us to produce cores with extremely complex geometries and high productivity.

Kernfertigung Coldbox-Verfahren
Removing the finished core from the core shooter
Kernfertigung Coldbox-Verfahren
Positioning the core for deburring and post-processing
Kernfertigung Coldbox-Verfahren
the core


Our electric melting operation with computer-controlled melting sequence ensures reproducible conditions for flexible production of low and high-alloy materials.

Gießerei Erla Mittelfrequenz-Induktions-Schmelzofen
the deslagging

Gießerei Erla Schmelzofen
Thermoanalysis at the smelting furnace

Gießerei Erla Schmelzofen
Tapping – filling the handling and transport ladle


Our castings are produced with the green sand mechanised moulding process. Highly compacted moulds ensure exact and reproducible second casts, which offer cost advantages in chip removal due to small machining allowances, especially for mass produced items.

Gießerei Erla Gussteile fertigen
Filling the casting mould – DISA moulding machine
Gießerei Erla Grünsand-Maschinenformverfahren
Casting process at the GFD moulding machine

Casting post-processing/machining

Handling systems and semi-automated machines are used by us for the cost-intensive process of post-processing and machining as-cast castings.

Gießerei Erla Gussnachbehandlung Putzerei
Cleaning room – manual cutting off of casting feeders
Gießerei Erla Gussnachbehandlung Koyama
Koyama casting cleaning machine

Gießerei Erla Gussnachbehandlung Glüherei
Loading the
annealing furnace for heat treatment